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who are we

At a glance a garden is vast and full of life and colour...

and as you explore deeper you discover all the many facets, and a transcendent quality develops

Self + Cosmic awareness blossoms

Roots Yoga is a wellbeing  service with an ethos of inclusivity of wellness practices available to a myriad of people

Our vibratory connections  have been carefully curated as a sanctuary for seekers of natural attunement and cosmic awareness

We share with the worldly community - yoga, dance, cultural events + courses

Invitations are welcomed for facilitators to join our village

and share their culture + wisdom with our growing garden of individuals

in the spirit of self + community development

Additional ventures include

Yoga in Schools

Corporate Mindful Movement Programs ©

Trauma-Informed Yoga - The Yoga Foundation

NDIS Programs

Council + Government Events

Yoga Instructor Teacher Trainings + Wellness Retreats

Lifestyle Consultancy + Dietary Consults​


enVISON the journey....

travel the path amoungst the trees and send your roots deep into the nourishing earth

Rise up seedling and grow to support the garden of trees around 

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