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Renewal at our Women’s Wellness Retreat

Wow! What an amazing rejuvenating weekend of nature, yoga, dance and yummy food :)

Thank you to everyone that brought beautiful positive energies ✨

we all enjoyed witnessing the connections in our group, the life affirming conversations, the magic of eating plant based cuisine, lovingly prepared.

Words and pictures give a glimpse of the weekend, however the true essence is how we each found our own sense of nourishment this weekend.

excited for the next one!!!! RSVP early :)

peace & blessings 🌻ZaRa

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1 Comment

A wonderful relaxing and rejuvenating weekend. Thank you Za Ra, Harsha, Iqa, Felicity, Tina and Jo 🌈🌧☀️🌻🌳🦘🦋🦢🥗

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