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ROOTS YOGA / ZÄRTJÎ LOVE at Earth Frequency festival

Love moments at @earth_frequency festival ❤️ shining in the sun and feeling the vibe.

Words cannot truly capture the magic and transformation that took place at the Earth Frequency Festival during our yoga and sound bath workshop. With over 200 incredible yogis joining us, the energy was nothing short of extraordinary.

Together, we embarked on a journey of deep inquiry and yogic practice, delving into the depths of our souls and emerging with newfound clarity and peace. The atmosphere was electric, filled with love, intention, and the collective breath of our beautiful community.

As we flowed and meditated, the celestial sounds of the African harp enveloped us in an atmospheric lullaby, gently guiding us to a place of inner harmony and tranquility. The sound bath was nothing short of a spiritual symphony, resonating with the very essence of our beings.

We are profoundly grateful to each and every one of you who joined us, shared your light, and contributed to this sacred space. Your presence and energy made this workshop a truly unforgettable experience. 🌿🎶🧘‍♀️

Let's carry this profound sense of connection and peace with us, spreading love and mindfulness wherever we go. Until we meet again, keep shining your beautiful light! 🌟💖

And exciting NEWS to share the debut of our KALI DRESS & KIMONO by @zartji_clothing ZÄRTJÎ – where fashion meets frequency 🌿✨

Crafted with love and zero waste, this dress is made from the softest organic cotton, hand screen printed to perfection.

Every thread tells a story of sustainability, supporting local artists and communities. 🌍❤️

Feel the difference with its breathable fabric, making you rethink all those pesticide-laden cottons you’ve worn before.

Versatile and vibrant, the KALI DRESS can transform into a striking skirt or a bold headwrap. Pair it with our elegant ZÄRTJÎ KIMONOS for an effortlessly stunning look.

Remember, each piece is made with care – hand wash in cold water and dry away from direct sunlight to preserve its beauty.

Patience is a virtue: please allow up to three weeks for worldwide shipping. Secure payments online, PayPal and afterpay also.

Wear it with love.. 🤍

🖤 ZaRa jï

LINK IN BELIW TO PURCHASE - very limited quantities of these unique pieces 😍

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