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Introducing the KALI DRESS by ZÄRTJÎ – where fashion meets frequency 🌿✨

Crafted with love and zero waste, this dress is made from the softest organic cotton, hand screen printed to perfection. Every thread tells a story of sustainability, supporting local artists and communities. 🌍❤️

Feel the difference with its breathable fabric, making you rethink all those pesticide-laden cottons you've worn before.

Versatile and vibrant, the KALI DRESS can transform into a chic skirt or a bold headwrap. Pair it with our elegant ZÄRTJÎ KIMONOS for an effortlessly stunning look.

Remember, each piece is made with care – hand wash in cold water and dry away from direct sunlight to preserve its beauty.

Patience is a virtue: please allow up to three weeks for worldwide shipping.

Wear it with love. Wear it with pride. 🤍

#SustainableFashion #OrganicCotton #ZeroWaste #SupportLocalArtists #EcoFriendly #HandmadeWithLove #FashionWithPurpose #SlowFashion #Repurpose #ZÄRTJÎ

🖤 ZaRa jï

ZÄRTJÎ Kali Dress

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