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Online Natural Yogi - 200hr Teacher Training


Welcoming you to our Natural Yogi Journey. Our online training has elements to keep you engaged such as live meetings, pre-recorded videos, a reflective philosophy immersion, private 1 on 1 video meetups for questions and discussions, online portal to access all the content anytime and PDF manual to connect up the network of knowledge. We understand that training online is different to in person so we endeavor to provide you with as much interaction with your teachers as needed and time to assimilate the teachings. The live session times are held in Australian Eastern Standard Time, generally in early evenings. All sessions are recorded and available for viewing via the online portal. The official YTT training runs auspiciously from 30th April New Moon Solar Eclipse until the Southern Winter Solstice June 20st. To prepare for the training we recommend a commitment to yourself and moving into new pathways of movement and awareness. A natural diet, immersion with the natural elements and cultivating your passions is recommended also.

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USD 699.00


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