What is Smai Tawi? Also known as Kemetic Yoga or Afrikan Yoga, Ancient African sciences evolving human experience.


Ancient Africans scribed texts in Medu NTR (hieroglyphics) more than 15 000 years of Smai Tawi philosophies carved in the ancient temples, pyramids, palaces, books & papyrus documents of ancient Africa.


The free flowing body movements of Smai Tawi with intention is a dance involving the principles Neter, nature and natural elements.


All Sessions involve cosmological attributes attuning breathwork, movements, postures, meditation, Kemetian/Smai Tawi philosophy, discussion.



Kemetic Yoga On DUB

Groundational immersive with a live DJ taking on you a journey of mixing the present with the ancient.

Blissing out on your yoga mat to a mix of low to up tempo DUB music. Playing with fun explorative body movements of Smai Tawi flows. 


A celebration of afrikan dance and natures elements fusing deeper connections and sharing space @ festivals and events.

Afrikan Yoga Sound Healing

Ancient Smai Tawi Ritualistic Movements from the lands of Kemet,  with attunements from live African harps and percussion resonating healing vibrations.


A offering emanating sacred temple flows with a healing restorative intention.

A soundscape workshop experience shared live with traditional African musicians. This is for well being events, Yoga festivals and studios

Cosmological Smai Tawi

Enter the temple rich with philosophy and transmission.

Deepening the practice with intentions of Hekua & Hesi (mantra & song).


This workshop is an immersive designed to set intentions and utilize the ancient systems of breath work and sacred movement.


Ritualizing the cosmological order within the principles of Kemetic sciences and the healing actions of Smai Tawi.


Smai Tawi Yoga
Tropical Retreat

5 days - 4 nights of intentional practice

daily yoga and plant based meals

private accommodation in

Thai bungalows near the beach


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