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Tantric Hatha Yoga


& 500hr YTTC

with an emphasis on

Experiential Philosophy

Asana & Pranayama

 Mantra & Mudra

Puja & Prasad

Jnana & Bhakti

Dharma & Karma

Natural Movement

& Natural Living

Welcome to the

'Natural Yogi'

Yoga Teacher Training YTT

our unique course encompasses

the way of the natural yogi with practices that are

primal, ancestral & practical


Merging Finite with INFinite

We embrace the

Great Cycle - Nature 


Life as our greatest teacher



Join us for

an Experiential Yoga Teacher Training


MYSTICS & warriors



Our yoga teacher training seeks to share yoga

beyond mechanical movements

drawing upon

teachings & practices

of ancient tantric texts,

eons of yoga practice

& the innate wisdom of nature

In this training you discover a sense of

Acceptance , Growth

ANEW perspective

a Shape-shift -

a remembrance of  Self

key tools


asana and structural body yantric alignments

primal movement & dance

complementary health & cleansing practices

jalandhara bandha abstract art.webp




advanced mind tools


puja ceremony 

yoga nidra

watercolour art.jpg


 pranayama & bandhas

deep breathing techniques

recognition of the breath

& life / death cycle

astral projection

Zarah deck yoga_edited.jpg

live a
Natural Yogi

Our trainings are shared in

Koh Phangan in the protected

bay of Thailand

This mystical island is a

mecca for yogis -

a place of healing, yoga & dance

Learning yoga here is a

wonderland to discover

anew self in

Palm Tree

Key yogas


the meeting of SUN + MOON

the path of body, mind + breath



the path of pulsation , of sensory engagement + awe


discovering your POTENTIALITY


serpentine force + flow



tracing the rivers of electrical connectivity

key emphasis

Tantric Hatha Texts

Explore the richness of Philosophy, Tantric Meditation & comprehension of nature through archetypal story A non - dual path of Tantric Shiva / Shakti (Ardhanishwara)

Understand the Science of Conscious Energy & Manifestation

Yogic Cleansing practices

Explore cleansing techniques to prepare the body and mind for higher states of awareness

Aspects of Shatkarmas - advanced Yogic Cleansing Kriyas to clear karmic imprints and instill harmony

Movement Lab - hatha yoga

Explore your body, the geometries, yantras and forms that are our natural alignments

Learn natural movement and the key anatomies for confidence in teaching yoga

uprising as a teacher

Explore how to engage others as a teacher - learning the art of teaching & guiding others.


Our Lead Teachers share with you practical knowledge of the industry based on our experience in the sectors of governments, schools, gyms, studios, NGOs, refugee projects & trauma informed practice

Course info

Memorial Candle

In Person

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)

Yoga Alliance

200 hr certified

3 week Intensive Course  

Inclusive of

In Person Training

Small Group Sizes

for Real Connections


A well rounded schedule of 

Puja Blessing Ceremonies

Pranayama & Meditation

Asana Practice & Kriyas

Cleansing Techniques

Manifestation Kriyas

Advanced Shiva/Shakti Tantric Philosophy

Story Telling & Respect/Homage to Land

Lectures in Anatomy & Philosophy

Teaching Methods


Training days are

Monday to Saturday

Flexible hours - am & pm

+ Online Lectures

The Art of Teaching

We priorities practice teaching

& application of skills

Two Options

Accommodation packages or Training Only


1XHerbal Sauna

Waterfall &

Temple Excursion

Calm Sea

In Person

300 hour

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)


Advanced Training suitable

for Yogis that have

completed a

200 hour Training

or a minimum of

10 years yogic practice

In Person Training

4 week Course  

with Small Group Sizes

for Real Connections


A well rounded schedule of 

Puja Blessing Ceremonies

Pranayama & Meditation

Asana Practice & Kriyas

Cleansing Techniques

Manifestation Kriyas

Advanced Shiva/Shakti Tantric Philosophy

Story Telling & Respect/Homage to Land

Lectures in Anatomy & Philosophy

Teaching Methods


Training days are

Monday to Friday

am & pm hours

+ Online Lectures


Advanced Subjects

Anatomy Applied to Yoga

Mantras  & Yantras Decoded

Maha Vidyas Tantric Yoga Module

Yogic Living - Detox & Cleansing 

Tantric Shakti / Shiva Discourses

Advanced Asana

Pranayama & Tantric Meditations

Yin Yoga & TCM Theory

Uprising as a Teacher -

The Art of Teaching

Yogic Business & Marketing

Online Teaching

*Special Elective

Dance of Devi

(Classical Indian Odissi Dance)

This training can be combined

with our 200hr YTT

Essentially you complete a

500 YTT Training


The Art of Teaching

We priorities practice teaching

& application of skills

Two Options

Accommodation packages or Training Only


1XHerbal Sauna

Waterfall &

Temple Excursion

lotus yin white.jpg


  • YTT Training In Person &  All course materials (PDF & Paper Manuals)

  • Online Access content - videos, audio lectures & PDF books

  • Accommodation Packages or Training Only Packages

  • Plant based vegan breakfast on class days

  • Free drinking water on class days

  • Personal lock and key for Accommodation Packages

  • With Accommodation package - transfer from island port Tong Sala to resort on the day of course commencement only 

  • Registered Yoga Teacher Training RYT - 200hr & 300hr Certification eligible for registration with Yoga Alliance

  • Support and care from our team before and after the course

  • 1x Herbal Sauna, Temple & Waterfall Excursion 

YTT Training Day Schedule 

Basic Schedule 

Subject to change as needed

6/7am - PUJA / Sadhana - Pranayama &  Meditation

7-9am - Morning Yoga Practice / Movement Lab -  PRASAD / Fruitarian 

Hydration & Internal Cleanse

with Blessed Local Fruits 

9.30am - Lectures / Movement Lab 

1.30pm - Break for Lunch


* 200hr Monday to Saturday

* 300hr Monday to Friday

Occasional classes in afternoon/evening


We are a Registered

International Yoga Alliance School 

200 hour &

Advanced 300 hour

Yoga Teacher Training


International Certifications

Aligned with these organisations we incorporate 





300hr YA  white logo_edited.png
E-RYT500 (1).png

key YTT teachers


Ah Ra

Was drawn to study movement and yoga

a few decades back and has completed advanced trainings - including

200 hr African Yogas

Smai Tawi/Kemetic Yoga Teacher 


500 hr Tantric Hatha

Yoga Teacher

Ah Ra  is a diversified teacher, gifted with an ability to inspire others to recognize their inherent gifts.  Throughout the years he has honed his skills whilst teaching in schools, government, corporate, refugee infrastructure, NGOs &  Studio Ownership.

Opening a yoga studio allowed Ah Ra to understand the intricacies of different bodies and movement modalities, and his approach to yoga is both disciplined and playful


Seeking to understand ancient sciences Ah Ra is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbalist/Acupuncturist. and specializes as a Food as Medicine and Detox & Fasting Consultant 


Also  in his quest to study Movement he is a two decades Master Professor of

Traditional Capoeira Angola Martial Arts

which combines the arts of movement, dance, music, song & Afro-Brazilian cultural history

Inspired by sound vibrations, Ah Ra is a brilliant multi Instrumentalist,

often bringing musical influences into his teachings with 

African Harp



Tibetan Bowls

After many years of study of Indian Yogas and travels to Rajasthan and Himalayas in India - Ah Ra is a confident and knowledgeable teacher sharing colourful stories in teaching, and inviting students to do the 'work' (karmas)


To further develop his study of 

Ancient Primordial Afrikan Yogas known as

Smai Tawi (Kemetic)  Yoga

he completed certifications in Medu Neter

(ancient language of hieroglyphics)

File_000 (21).jpeg
goddess white mudra


Has been a yogini her whole life and was drawn to join ashram life and Buddhist temple immersions

to further her studies of self, karma & life sciences


Zara has completed over

800 hours of

Certified Yogic training in

Tantra, Hatha, Pregnancy,

Yin & Trauma Informed Yoga

& grows each day with two decades of teaching experience across specialty sectors of NGOs, Trauma informed Yoga, Corporate & Studio Owner

Opening a yoga studio allowed her to understand the intricacies of the yogi business, and the people that are drawn to the practices of yoga

Seeking to understand modern sciences she attained a Degree in Molecular Biology/Genetics and applies this knowledge to yoga

and her teacher training courses

Hearing the call to dive in the many facets of yoga she Initiated in Himalayan

 Kriya Yoga and travelled to Himalayas to further understand the teachings of authentic tantric yoga  


Za Ra has diligently continued on a path of

enriched understanding of

Tantric Philosophy

Devi/Deva Story

 Sanskrit Language,

& Intuitive Movement


After Intensive study and Initiation by her Guruji

she is committed as a  lifelong 

Devotee of

Classical Indian Odissi

Temple Devadasi  Dance

Upon such she is also the Creator of workshops in immersions in 

Dance of Devi &

Raks Kheperu Dance

( Sensual Wombans Dance)

In our unique training you re-position yourself 

Living in alignment with self & nature

We seek Karma, Kala & Kriya Yoga as an

important part of our journey together


As yoga is an ancient tradition it is important

that trainees are aware that 

& the undertaking of

a Yoga Teacher Training

is a commitment to self-development

to metamorphosis

in person + online study options

unique yoga training

 payment plans




ROOTS YOGA LIFE Teacher training in Tantric Hatha Yoga  was a life altering experience in the way of elevating space of not only being a Student/ Teacher, but also infused energy and lifestyle of what it means to embody THE YOGI.

Knowledgeable in their way of Yoga practice, philosophy of The Ancients technique, new day ceremony and natural living; facilitators displayed daily interaction of incorporating energy to sustain and thrive mind, body and soul.


With opportunity to challenge physical capacity, learn proper technique,  advancement in recognizing and confidently executing your own unique teaching style. I would highly recommend the experience and calling of those who seek to embody a better self and practice - to seek here


Respectfully, BLU

My experience undertaking my 300hr YTT training with Roots Yoga Life on the beautiful island of Koh Pha-ngan, Thailand was truly transformational.


ZaRa and Ah Ra are both phenomenal teachers with a deep knowledge of Hatha Yoga practice and Tantric philosophy. They created a nurturing and supportive environment for us to undergo an extremely immersive program that allowed space for integration of the information and practices shared during the training. Its as though they were able to

turn on the lights in dark places of my mind and body,

allowing me to finally see and feel how to authentically

LIVE Yoga and not just practice it in a class.


I would highly recommend this training program to anyone genuinely wanting to tap out of the matrix, reconnect with self, nature and a community of magical humans in a place of paradise. For teachers of any discipline I feel this program is perfect if you are wanting to discover your unique offering and how you can bring a holistic energy of Yoga into your practice -

what ever that may be.

Catherine - Jungle City Projects

A word from our Lead Trainer - ZaRa

Learning the techniques and philosophies of yoga is a part of the

adventurous spirit of Self Transformation


To be a yogi is assimilating teachings into every day life and wisdom,

rising to the challenge  to live in all environments as a 'Natural Yogi'

This thoughtfully created yoga immersive is

inspired by our teachers yogic journeys

and empowering others to rise 


To find your... 

 Earth Medicine

Creator Consciousness

& Embodied Expression

Come find your individual alignment,

supported by passionate teachers

Lets enjoy life by the ocean  

Live a holistic life on the island of delights and beauty

our training is held at a lucky, quiet place

we share with you accommodation options in simple Thai bungalows

access snorkeling and canoeing on the island

access white sandy beaches nearby with restaurants and beachside massages

join weekly drumming circles, kirtans & ecstatic dance events

on the island there is access to a multitude of vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants and fruits vendors

getting around the island you will need to hire an auto-scooter/car or hitchhike



We'd love to hear from you

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