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Fri, 25 Oct


Halfway Creek

Certified 200hr YTT - Australian East Coast

Join us for an Experiential Yoga Teacher Training for the SEEKERS & Scientists MYSTICS & warriors ARTISTS & YOGIS. This course is designed a a rustic, natural yogic living immersion. Join us for a courageous 2 week intensive, camping by a river & elevating your yogic wisdom!

Certified 200hr YTT - Australian East Coast
Certified 200hr YTT - Australian East Coast

Time & Location

25 Oct 2024, 8:00 am – 07 Nov 2024, 5:00 pm

Halfway Creek, Halfway Creek NSW 2460, Australia

About the event

Join us for an Experiential Yoga Teacher Training for the SEEKERS & Scientists


This course is designed a a rustic, natural yogic living immersion.

Join us for a courageous 2 week intensive, camping by a river & elevating your yogic wisdom!

Our yoga teacher training seeks to share yoga

beyond mechanical movements and dogma

drawing upon

teachings & practices

of ancient tantric hatha texts,

yogic technologies

& the innate wisdom of nature

In this training you discover 

self Development, Growth

ANEW perspective

a Shape-shift -

a remembrance of  Self


Welcome to our signature method  'Natural Yogi' a Yoga Teacher Training 200hr YTT course by Roots Yoga Life that encompasses the way of the NATURAL YOGI with practices that are primal, ancestral & practical. 

By Merging Finite with INFinite. We EMBRACE the Great Cycle - Nature & Life as our greatest teacher

Our unique yoga teacher training seeks to share yoga beyond mechanical movements and dogma, drawing upon teachings of ancient tantric, Hatha texts, aswell as mentorship with teachers with years of yoga practice & attunement to the innate wisdom of NATURE.

In this journey you find a sense of deeper self  Inquiry, Growth, ANEW perspective, a Shape-shift

OM! 🙏

Are you ready to be the VIBRANT yogi that inspires others? 

Then rise in courage assisted by passionate teachers. 

Embrace learning new techniques and pathways of movements and thinking, 

Learn artful teaching methods & philosophies of yoga

And joyfully invite into your cosmic field the adventurous spirit of Self Transformation.

Let’s assimilate teachings into everyday life with WISDOM, rising in this great 'play/Lila' of LIFE, meeting the challenge to live in all environments as a 'Natural Yogi'!!!

Join us and find your…

​Earth Medicine

Creator Consciousness

and Embodied Expression

​Come find your cosmic ALIGNMENT, supported by natural teachers, and transform yourself in the next generation of cosmic guides 


Key Modules 

Movement Laboratory - explores asana, intuitive movement, cleansing and longevity practices with advanced Kriyas/technologies of mind and body   

Teaching Methods - learn practical teaching techniques and the ins and out of the yoga industry from teachers with decades of experience across sectors of studio management, NGOs, refugee organizations, corporate events, festivals, trauma-informed yoga, and chair yoga. Let us mentor you with the information you need for when you enter the industry and to build your self-confidence.

The journey entails 2 weeks of live face-to-face transmission with authentic guru-shisha mentorship of tge teaching of the important aspect of ceremony, ritual, reverence and respect.

Plus trainees will receive free access to our online YTT course with a myriad of imaginative and expressive, videos, audio recordings, and readings to inspire you.

In our unique course you will learn the ancient arts of yoga, and the disciplined sadhanas that impart new awareness and understanding.

You will learn from teachers with decades of experience in yogic arts, martial arts, dance and medicine.

See this immersion as an opportunity to go beyond the dogma, and find new avenues of yogic understanding.


⛰Tantric Hatha Texts: Explore the richness of Philosophy, Tantric Meditation & comprehension of nature through archetypal story A non - dual path of Tantric Shiva / Shakti (Ardhanishwara). Understand the Science of Conscious Energy & Manifestation

⛰Yogic Cleansing practices: Explore cleansing techniques to prepare the body and mind for higher states of awareness. Aspects of Shatkarmas - advanced Yogic Cleansing Kriyas to clear karmic imprints and instill harmony

⛰Movement Lab - hatha yoga: Explore your body, the geometries, yantras and forms that are our natural alignments. Learn natural movement and the key anatomies for confidence in teaching yoga

⛰Uprising as a Teacher: Explore how to engage others as a teacher - learning the art of teaching & guiding others. Our Lead Teachers share with you practical knowledge of the industry based on our experience in the sectors of governments, schools, gyms, studios, NGOs, refugee projects & trauma informed practice


It's a rustic campout for 2 weeks with a camp kitchen, beduoin tent, compost toilet, camp fire, river bathing, natural living attunement


Nourishment of the physical body, wealth of self is a vital part of the sadhana practice of Roots Yoga Life. 

In this powerful yogic journey what we put into our minds & mouths we become.

Living within Hatha and Tantric principles we will take turns at the SEVA (selfless service) preparing and enjoying meals that are served is specifically created for our group, using TCM and Ayurvedic principles. With awareness of our daily physical and energetic practices, the time of day, the season and energies

Roots Yoga Life is instilling the art of food as medicine for you to cultivate daily energetic practices. Imprinting your connection to source. Prana is encoded in food to replenish a healthy body, and attune a higher mind to focus with clarity on advanced yogic teachings.  


This is a serene place to commit yourself to the practice of LIVING YOGA, naturally attuned by NATURE


Halfway Creek NSW


Plus a well rounded schedule of 

  • ​Puja Blessing Ceremonies
  • Pranayama & Meditation
  • Asana Practice & Kriyas
  • Cleansing Techniques
  • Lectures in Anatomy & Philosophy
  • Teaching Methods
  • Defining your Teaching Style & Ethos & Authentic Marketing 

Advanced Subjects include

  • ​Anatomy Applied to Yoga
  • Mantras  & Yantras Decoded
  • Maha Vidyas Tantric Yoga Module
  • Yogic Living - Detox & Cleansing 
  • Tantric Shakti / Shiva Discourses
  • Advanced Asana
  • Pranayama & Tantric Meditations
  • Yin yoga & TCM Theory
  • Uprising as a Teacher
  • The Art of Teaching
  • Yogic Business & Marketing
  • Online Presence & Teaching



800 hours of Certified Yogic training - Tantra, Hatha, Pregnancy, Yin & Trauma Informed Yoga & two decades of teaching experience across specialty sectors of NGOs, Trauma informed Yoga, Corporate & Studio Owner. Degree in Molecular Biology/Genetics. Initiated in Himalayan Kriya Yoga. Enriched understanding of Tantric Philosophy, Devi/Deva Story, Sanskrit Language, & Intuitive Movement. Dancer & Devotee of Classical Indian Odissi Temple Devadasi  Dance. Creator of Raks Kheperu Dance ( Sensual Wombans Dance)

Ah Ra

500 hr Tantric Hatha Yoga Teacher & 200 hr Smai Tawi/Kemetic African Yoga Teacher. Teaching experience in schools, government, corporate, refugee infrastructure, NGOs & Studio Owner. Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbalist/Acupuncturist. Detox & Fasting Consultant. Movement specialist - Martial Arts/Professor of Traditional Capoeira Angola. Multi Instrumentalist & Sound Healing: African Harp, Flute, Drumming. Certified in Medu Neter (ancient language of hieroglyphics)


ROOTS YOGA LIFE Natural Yogi Teacher training in Tantric Hatha Yoga was a life altering experience in the way of elevating space of not only being a Student/ Teacher, but also infused energy and lifestyle of what it means to embody THE YOGI.

Knowledgeable in their way of Yoga practice, philosophy of The Ancients technique, new day ceremony and natural living; facilitators displayed daily interaction of incorporating energy to sustain and thrive mind, body and soul.

With opportunity to challenge physical capacity, learn proper technique,  advancement in recognizing and confidently executing your own unique teaching style. I would highly recommend the experience and calling of those who seek to embody a better self and practice - to seek here


Respectfully, BLU


My experience undertaking Natural Yogi YTT training with Roots Yoga Life on the beautiful island in Thailand was truly transformational.

ZaRa and Ah Ra are both phenomenal teachers with a deep knowledge of Hatha Yoga practice and Tantric philosophy. They created a nurturing and supportive environment for us to undergo an extremely immersive program that allowed space for integration of the information and practices shared during the training. Its as though they were able to turn on the lights in dark places of my mind and body, allowing me to finally see and feel how to authentically LIVE Yoga and not just practice it in a class.

I would highly recommend this training program to anyone genuinely wanting to tap out of the matrix, reconnect with self, nature and a community of magical humans in a place of paradise. For teachers of any discipline I feel this program is perfect if you are wanting to discover your unique offering and how you can bring a holistic energy of Yoga into your practice - what ever that may be.

Catherine - Jungle City Projects


6 am - Puja / Morning Sadhana - Pranayama / Meditation

7-9 am - Morning Yoga Practice / Movement Lab

9 am - Prasad / Fruitarian Breakfast / Hydration & Internal Cleanse with Local Fruits

9.30 am - Lectures / Movement Lab

1.30 pm - Pranic Infused Lunch & Break

* Occasional classes in the afternoon/evening 3.30-7pm

Advanced Subjects

Hatha Yogic Texts

Yogic Living - Detox & Cleansing Techiniques

Tantric Philosophy- Chakras, Kundalini yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Shiva/ Shakti


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    Complete payment for course, materials, breakfast & lunch and accomodation costs

    USD 2,177.00
    +USD 54.43 service fee

    Deposit payment for course, materials, breakfast & lunch and accomodation costs. Balance due before training start date Refundable if cancelled up to 2 weeks prior to start date.

    USD 500.00
    +USD 12.50 service fee


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