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Roots Yoga Life is a vibrational state of being

its about living intentionally...

our collections are artistically curated by ZARTJI


"In creating this collection I wanted to inspire others to dress with simplicity, grace and feminimity. 


Wearing clothes in multiple different ways - imagine a wrap skirt that is not only a skirt, but also a practical multiple wrap style dress!


The idea is to consume less, yet have better quality of cloth that is natural and organic, feels divine on the body and shows an individuality in style...

Some of ZARTJI pieces are one of its kind patterns and design


Also I wanted to created zero waste/less complicated clothing, less buttons, zips, and over fussing with clothes.


Also it has been important to genuinely know and support local people. In travelling to northern India I met with the family business, I took the time to meet with the 'master cutters', the seamstresses, the natural dyers and vintage material sellers.


I showcased my designs and together with a small team we created ZARTJI.

When you wear ZARTJi you are a part of something bigger than just cloth and yourself.. ..


And we give thanks for your appreciation and support...

with love and blessings Zartji :)"


zartji collection

the caress of natural materials

Clothing is much more than just a fashion statement. The fabrics that clothe our bodies can significantly influence our overall comfort, health, and energy levels. 

The concept of fabric frequencies is rooted in the science of bioenergetics, which is the study of energy flow through living systems. Everything in our universe vibrates at a certain frequency, including the fabrics we wear. Some fabrics resonate at frequencies that are harmonious with the human body, enhancing our well-being, while others may have less beneficial effects.


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    Juicy Yoni

    Nature's technology to enhance your libido, grow beautiful skin, hair & nails

    &promote vitality

    A highly nutrient-rich oceanic plant super food that thrives in pristine waters

    Gathering trace elements with high potency, necessary for ALL LIFE to prosper

    Testimonial from a JUICY SEAMOSS Customer

    This wonder food has totally changed my life and health.

    My hair has grown more than ever and my skin is BEAMING.

    At first I was a bit nervous to try another SUPERFOOD and now I can't live with out it.

    I eat it every day and use it for beauty treatments.

     Plus my partner appreciates my new GLOW.

    He's even buying it now!

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