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Roots Yoga Life is a vibrational state of being

its about living your potential...

manifestation .  creation + revolution

our collections are artistically curated

 sourcing from artisans, communities + herbalists


zartjie collection

the caress of natural materials

Clothing is much more than just a fashion statement. The fabrics that clothe our bodies can significantly influence our overall comfort, health, and energy levels. 

The concept of fabric frequencies is rooted in the science of bioenergetics, which is the study of energy flow through living systems. Everything in our universe vibrates at a certain frequency, including the fabrics we wear. Some fabrics resonate at frequencies that are harmonious with the human body, enhancing our well-being, while others may have less beneficial effects.


clothing collection

A collection of alluring clothing & jewellery handmade with an artistic twist. These unique designer pieces are wearable art and can be worn in multiple ways. Imagine an item that can be worn as a skirt, dress, top and headwrap.


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Debuts in MARCH 2024

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