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raks kheperu

a movement immersive
delicate . primal . evocative

Raks Kheperu

Raks is Dance .. Khepera is Creation

ZaRa a graceful international performer, teacher, visionary

- restoring ancient Women's Dance 

If you are chosen to the Path of Majestic flows, perceptive winding patterns guided by wisdoms

then the vibrational geometries of Dance will find you.


Collaborating with musical inspirations from

North Africa & Indian Temple Dance

 ​This intimate offering is evocative, hypnotic and will take you on a journey of music and movement

ZaRa is available for artistic projects,

performance collaborations, festivals,

retreats and workshop bookings

goddess white mudra
Red Rose

Dance of devi

DANCE OF DEVI is a gathering of divine devotional dance. Devi is the embodiment of primality, the wild feminine and masculine in a dance embrace….she is the grace and joy of the temple. In this feminine gathering we learn the great artistry of ‘Shakti’

- in the form of divine devotional dance.


Drawing inspiration from elements of traditional Classical Indian Odissi Devadasi Dance from the ancient Shakti/Shiva temples of Orissa in India and Raks Kheperu. Initiated Devadasi ZaRa will guide you through the graceful elements of this pure dance art. Patiently showing you the beauty of precision, and feeling ‘Bhavana’ in temple dance form.

This dance gathering is a disciplined practice session of pure art tradition. Requiring a meditative focus by each dancer to learn the delicate art of Bhakti (Devotional)
All dancers are welcome from beginners to advanced - as the lines and techniques of dance
will be outlined and taught. And we learn through progression and repetition to refine each
movement. This dance immersive is crafted to sculpture your dance, you become an emotive moving
sculpture of the temple goddess - Maha Shakti.


An overview of the session is
- blessing Bhumi PRANAM prayer gesture to Shakti/Shiva
- warm up exercises
- Indian Classical Odissi dance lines and dance techniques
- emotional expression, mudras - hand gestures and eye movement


This Workshop entails, the use of a graceful, strong body in relation to mind -body connection dance and emotive expression. By the initiatory process of warm up exercises that are unique to the art forms of Kalari, Odissi and other classical Indian dance forms.


Aswell as the progression of self awareness with the precise movements of eyes, hand mudras, neck movements, spinal articulations, hip rotations and postures (such as horse stance/chouka//tribangi & karanas of classical dance), foot placement and use of entire foot architecture in movement and dance, balance/coordination and the complexities of Abhinaya - the emotive expression through the face and body language of the 9 rasas such as love, anger, sadness, disgust, awe etc.

This ancient art form is relevant to the community as it gives participants an opportunity to re-conceptualize what dance movement. And to use this codified pure art form to bring about a re-configuration of the mind-body capacities and abilities to emote with heartfelt expression and reverence.
- the story of the Maha Devi - the great goddess

Dance Intensive - PUSHKAR
Dance Intensive - PUSHKAR
11 Mar 2024, 10:00 am
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