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Smai Tawi Afrikan Yoga Retreat - Ghana

SMAI TAWI Kemetic African Yoga Tropical Retreat Immerse yourself in Ancient Afrikan Yogas & Cosmology & Plant Based Cuisine

Smai Tawi Afrikan Yoga Retreat - Ghana
Smai Tawi Afrikan Yoga Retreat - Ghana

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Ghana, Ghana

About the event

What is Smai Tawi? Also known as Kemetic Yoga or Afrikan Yoga, Ancient African sciences evolving human experience.

Ancient Africans scribed texts in Medu NTR (hieroglyphics) more than 15 000 years of Smai Tawi philosophies carved in the ancient temples, pyramids, palaces, books & papyrus documents of ancient Africa.

The free flowing body movements of Smai Tawi with intention is a dance involving the principles Neter, nature and natural elements.

All Sessions involve cosmological attributes attuning breathwork, movements, postures, meditation, Kemetian/Smai Tawi philosophy, discussion.

A retreat in the motherland Africa. RSVP for more details


Ankh Udja Seneb

Ah Ra

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