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Tue, 30 Apr


Online Portal & Australian Camp

Sema Tawi Yoga Teacher Training - Online & Australian Camp

Join Master Ah Ra for the only Sema Tawi Afrikan Kemetic Toga Teacher Training offered in Australia.

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Sema Tawi Yoga Teacher Training - Online & Australian Camp
Sema Tawi Yoga Teacher Training - Online & Australian Camp

Time & Location

30 Apr 2024, 7:00 pm

Online Portal & Australian Camp

About the event

Sema Tawi is an Ancient African science, evolving human experience. 

Ancient Africans scribed texts in Medu NTR (hieroglyphics) with more than 10,000 years of Sema Tawi philosophies are carved in the ancient temples, pyramids, palaces, books & papyrus documents of ancient northern Africa. 

The free flowing body movements of Smai Tawi with intention is a dance involving the principles Neter, nature and natural elements. 

Sema Tawi - African Yoga by Roots Yoga Life is a journey of free flowing body movements, for with intention iy is a dance involving the principles of Neter/nature and natural elements. Sessions involve African cosmological attributes attuning breathwork, movements, postures, meditation, Kemetian/Sema Tawi philosophy, discussion.

The practice commences with an introduction to the system of Sema Tawi, its history and cosmology. Participants are then guided through breathwork,  trance dance movements to warm up and let go of expectations. Then the focused practice begins with specific geometrically aligned Sema Tawi yogic sequences. After the yoga sequences the session ends with Sahu (relaxation) and Hekau (collective chant of Medu Neter language - like Mantra chanting but Hekau is unique to African systems

Cosmological Sema Tawi

Enter the temple rich with philosophy and transmission.

Deepening the practice with intentions of Hekua & Hesi (mantra & song).

This SEMA TAWI TEACHING TRAINING is an immersive designed to set intentions and utilize the ancient systems of breath work and sacred movement.

Ritualizing the cosmological order within the principles of Kemetic sciences and the healing actions of Sema Tawi

Ancient Sema Tawi Ritualistic Movements from the lands of Kemet,  with attunements from live African harps and percussion resonating healing vibrations.

A offering emanating sacred temple flows with a healing restorative intention.

Participants will be guided by Ah Ra from Roots Yoga Life, with trance-like dance movements, ancient geometrical smai tawi structured movements that are precise in their alignment. There are aspects of intensity, focus and meditation. Participants engage in movements within their own space. And the sound healing is delivered throughout the entire practice, with a relaxation at the end. 

This great journey commences with an introduction to the system of Sema Tawi, its history and cosmology that is shared by Master Ah Ra. Moving onwards to breathwork and story-infused free flowing movements. A freedom of trance state emerges from the practice revealing a freedom of breath following onto geometrically aligned Sema Tawi yogic sequences

This 200hr SEMA TAWI Yoga Teacher Training is facilitated by Master Ah Ra - a co-director of Roots Yoga Life and is a diversified teacher in the arts of African Sema Tawi Yogas, Tantric Hatha Yogas, as well as a playful and disciplined Professor of Capoeira Angola. His teaching experience across arts and diverse fields span over two decades, and he co facilitates ‘Natural Yogi’ Teacher Trainings internationally. Sound vibrations is Ah Ra’s language, he is a brilliant multi Instrumentalist and brings live mantras into sound baths and yoga sessions.

He brings a multi-dimensional approach to yogic living immersions. Master Ah Ra is a diversified teacher, gifted with an ability to inspire others to recognize their inherent gifts. Throughout the years as a movement professional he has honed his skills whilst teaching in schools, government, corporate, refugee infrastructure, NGOs & Studio Ownership.

Ah Ra looks beneath the intricacies of different bodies and movement modalities, and his approach to yoga is both disciplined and playful. Seeking to understand ancient sciences Master Ah Ra is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbalist/Acupuncturist. and specializes as a Food as Medicine and Fasting Consultant

Also in his quest to study Movement he is a two decades Professor of

Traditional Capoeira Angola Martial Arts which combines the arts of movement, dance, music, song & Afrikan Oral history

Inspired by sound vibrations, Ah Ra is a brilliant multi Instrumentalist, often bringing musical influences into his teachings with African Harp, Flutes & African Drums

 After many years of study of Indian Yogas and travels to Rajasthan and Himalayas in Northern India - Ah Ra is a confident and knowledgeable teacher sharing colorful stories in teaching, and inviting students to do the 'work' (karmas)

To further develop his study of Ancient Afrikan Sema Tawi, Ah Ra has completed

certifications in Sesh Medu Neter (ancient language of hieroglyphics)

Also as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbalist & Acupuncturist he takes his knowledge of ancient life sciences to a greater experience. Initiated as a herbalist amongst his San peoples of Southern Africa. Ah Ra also works with Indigenous Australians, embarking on land to embody the true essences of the ancient teachings. Master Ah Ra tours internationally and is one of only a handful of Sema Tawi (Kemetic Yoga) facilitators teaching in Australia

LOCATION - Online & Live Retreat location to be advised


🐉 study ancient African technologies

🐉 online portal of lectures, audio and video

🐉 live in camping retreat in Australia on the east coast with Master Ah Ra

🐉 PDF manuals

🐉 mentorship & support

🐉 200hr Teacher Training

🐚 Study areas

Anatomy & Physiology

Postural Techniques & Sequences

History, Philosophy & Language

The Art of Teaching

The Business of Yoga & Marketing

Learn Self Mastery with the guidance of a dedicated Teacher - Master Ah Ra


Small group - enrolments are open with an application process. Message for more information

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