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Sun, 07 July


Ko Pha Ngan

Tantric Hatha YTT + Odissi Dance July 2024

Yoga, devotion, dance and transformation

Tantric Hatha YTT + Odissi Dance July 2024
Tantric Hatha YTT + Odissi Dance July 2024

Time & Location

07 July 2024, 2:00 pm – 28 July 2024, 10:00 am

Ko Pha Ngan, Ko Pha Ngan, Ko Pha-ngan District, Surat Thani 84280, Thailand

About the event

NATURAL YOGI - Tantric Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Classical Indian ODISSI Temple Dance Module - Koh Phangan 

Natural Yogi by Roots Yoga Life is a unique yogic course with an emphasis on traditional Tantric Hatha practices for yogis, warriors, movement artists, mystics, and those seeking integration beyond dogma.

Natural Yogi is a transformative yoga immersive with practical tools to teach you the art of yogic living. Tantra Yoga is a type of yoga that employs various techniques to study the universe through the human microcosm. It seeks to balance human instincts and focus on chakras, or energy centers in the body. Tantra is a type of yoga that weaves together many different techniques, such as mantra meditation, visualization, mudras, pranayama and initiation to study the inner-universe through our human body. Understanding the techniques and goals of tantra yoga is important as hatha yoga originated from this system of yoga, and tantra provides a context for the individual practices and techniques of hatha yoga. 

Hatha yoga is a branch of yoga primarily concerned with mastery of the body and mind. The term is derived from the Sanskrit ha, meaning sun, and tha, meaning moon,leading to the common interpretation that Hatha practices are designed to unite and balance these two energies. However, the literal translation of Hatha is force, alluding to the physical techniques used within this tradition.

Traditionally, Hatha yoga offered a total life philosophy, incorporating how we relate to external and internal experience as a path to inner peace.Hatha Yoga is a branch of yoga that focuses on physical postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation.

The emphasis of this course is not to have a holiday or retreat experience. It requires a disciplined and intentional commitment to daily learning and application. 

The daily yogic practice entails alignment with sunrise and sunset. We bring in the yogic aspects of ceremony, meditation and mantra. Physical practices for cleansing and well-being. And enriched philosophy and the art of teaching. 

Our focus in this training as your teaching guides is to support you to do the great work of yoga. Our course is structured to progressively teach you yogic living, to attune your body with sunrise and sunset and states of consciousness. 

The idea is to strip ourselves back and to learn in a simple natural environment. 

Additionally, this course will have a module of learning the art of Classical Indian ODISSI temple dance.Odissi Dance, is a classical dance from Odisha, India that traces its roots to the ancient text the  'Natya Shastra. Considered an ancient temple devotional dance, it is a sensuous and lyrical dance form that is considered a dance of devotion (Bhakti) and love. And tells the stories of the Devas and Devis found in Tantric Yoga traditions. 

ODISSI is an ancient devotional dance art form, and this course introduces students to the broader aspects of tantric practices beyond the practices yoga and meditation. ODISSI invites students to infuse their daily practice with the expression of dance, art, emotions, story, reverence and devotion (Bhakti) as witnessed in this great dance.

Within the scope of this course we provide guidance to students with 

-experienced teachers 

-in person lectures yogic techniques for body and mind mastery 

-powerful yogic kriya initiations 

-awareness of yogic living - ceremony, duty and action

-pure art Odissi devotion dance 

-online content and study app 

-audio lectures video lectures & documentaries -pdf yogic texts 

-after training access to all audio, video & PDF content 

-access via zoom to external professional trauma informed counselling services as needed.

and a traditional approach to karmic living, ashram style community learning, and respect for nature and the community. 

In a traditional tantric approach we give reverence to the guidance of lineage of gurujis and the student - teacher relationship is highly revered and to be respected. 

This course is not modern/neo-tantra, as it respects traditional Tantric Hatha teachings of ancient texts, experiencing the essence of yoga, not the accumulation of information. 

Integration and personal development is essential within this course. 

And to assist with this development we have included within our trainings a trauma informed module. And a support network of trauma informed counsellors  that you can also access as needed. 

Many of our past students find value in this training, as it is less commercial than other trainings around, and we focus on the authentic living practice of yoga.

We value 

*Small group sizes for student teacher ratio that fosters clarity of teachings

* disciplined practice

* artistry in movement

* flexibility in the mind 

* self mastery

* seva - selfless service. A portion of  your course fees are given to support Indian families in need.  

* heart centred approach - living in bhakti 

-Our YTT course is inclusive of 

*Training In person, Access to online content and PDF books  

*Internationally recognised Certification as a 200 hour Yoga Teacher

*Certificate of Completion of 18 hours of Odissi Temple Dance Training

*Optional accommodation by the beach and mountains or find your own accomodation

-Our Yogic Journeys are enriched with 

*puja ceremony



*prasad - blessed temple food

*karmic action

*Kriya techniques for self development

* intuitive asana movement lab

 *the artistry of teaching and movement.

* food as medicine

* Shatkarmas- powerful cleansing techniques 

* nature excursions 

* yogic living 


3 week immersive in traditional Hatha and Tantric yoga

Sunrise Puja blessing ceremonies prior to pranayama and meditation

Asana/postures , intuitive movement, and well-being practices

Learn Sanskrit and Mantra definitions

PDF and paper copy manual 

Daily homework and access to Online portal of audio lectures, yoga texts. 

Online anatomy and physiology course, Trauma-informed module and the Business of Yoga. 

Attentiveness to the yogas of Karma, Bhakti, Jnana, and Kriya

Community ashram style course with aspects of Seva - selfless service and swadhyaya - self inquiry

Devotional Dance Module  - Classical Indian ODISSI Dance Module 

Blessed prasad simple, light, shared fruit breakfast on training days (Monday to Friday).

-Amazing landscapes by the ocean on a beautiful tropical island 


Consists of 4 afternoon practices (4.30-6pm)

  • Yoga exercises specific to temple dance and martial arts
  • Eye exercises
  • Mudras and pranayamas
  • Puja Ceremony, Mantras and chanting
  • Deva/Devi philosophy and Indian Temple Dance History
  • Movement/dance patterns unique to this ancient temple dance form
  • Emotional expressions and storytelling in dance
  • the relationship of ODISSI with YOGA & TANTRA



Thai style bungalows - beachside

Enjoy some quiet time in budget style private bungalows with a small balcony. These budget style bungalows are lined in a row to each other in a quiet family run resort, with a simple restaurant next to the ocean. In this accommodation option there is one bedroom included with a double bed, fan and private bathroom with a hot shower and toilet. (No air-conditioner) At this quiet resort there is access to the ocean. This simple budget accommodation is a short 5 minute walk to the Yoga Shala, beach and nearest restaurants.


Traditional Thai style bungalows - poolside

Enjoy some quiet time in authentic Thai-style private bamboo wooden bungalows with a small balcony. These budget style bungalows are lined in a row to each other in a quiet family run resort. In this accommodation option there is only one bedroom included with a queen-size bed, fan and private bathroom with a hot shower and toilet. (No air-conditioner) At this quiet resort there is a pool, access to the ocean, but no operating restaurant. This simple budget accommodation is a 5-10 minutes walk to the Yoga Shala, beach and nearest restaurants.

OPTION 3 - Training only - find your own accommodation


What you nourish your physical self with is of paramount importance to maintain a presence in a yogic journey. 

During training days (Monday to Friday), you will partake of blessed temple PRASAD fruit breakfasts, this is a shared simple fruit breakfast prepared by students and teachers as a practice Seva - selfless service. This meal is eaten together whilst seated on the ground. 

PRASAD and SEVA is an important aspect of Tantric Hatha yogic living and  ashram style life. All students and teachers are encouraged to bring fruits, flowers and offerings to share with the group and support the community. 

In keeping with Hatha and tantric principles we encourage you to try some of the local restaurants. Seeking your own meals that are heartfelt and nourishing replenishment with plant-based nature gifts.

We allocate time for longer lunches at midday. So that you can go out and source your own food and digest prior to evening classes.

Short summary

Welcome to Roots Yoga Life's signature method 'Natural Yogi' an internationally certified yoga teacher training 200-hour course by Roots Yoga Life that encompasses the way of the NATURAL YOGI. With practices that are primal, ancestral, and practical. Embracing the great cycle of nature as your greatest teacher, you merge finite with infinite.

Our unique yoga teacher training seeks to share yoga beyond mechanical movements and dogma, drawing upon teachings of ancient Tantric, and Hatha texts, as well as mentorship with teachers with years of yoga practice and attunement to the innate wisdom of nature. In this journey, you find a sense of deeper self-inquiry, growth, a new perspective, and a an invitation to explore yogic living

What is special about this course

A 3 week intensive initiating you into Tantric Hatha Yoga, emphasising yogic living, philosophy, pranayama, asana, meditation, dance, and yogic rituals. 

The journey entails three weeks of live face-to-face transmission with authentic guru-shisha mentorship of the teaching of the important aspects of ceremony, ritual, reverence, and respect. 

In our unique course, you will learn the ancient arts of yoga, disciplined sadhanas and principles that impart new awareness and understanding. You will learn from teachers with decades of experience in yogic arts, martial arts, dance, and medicine. See this immersion as an opportunity to go beyond the dogma and find new avenues of yogic understanding.

The daily practice of yogic living holds an intensity and inner questioning. This training is for the courageous warriors!

Course Emphasis

-1. Tantric Hatha texts

Explore the richness of yogic science and philosophy, Tantric meditation, and comprehension of nature through storytelling. A non-dual path of Tantric Shiva or Shakti (Ardhanarishwara). Understand the science of conscious energy and manifestation.

-2. Yogic cleansing practices

Explore cleansing techniques to prepare the body and mind for higher states of awareness. Aspects of Shatkarmas - advanced yogic cleansing Kriyas to clear karmic imprints and instil harmony.

-3. Movement lab - Hatha yoga

Explore your body, the geometries, yantras, and forms that are your natural alignments. Learn natural movement and the key anatomies for confidence in teaching yoga.

-4. Uprising as a teacher

Explore how to engage others as a teacher - learning the art of teaching and guiding others. Lead teachers share with you practical knowledge of the industry based on your experience in the sectors of governments, schools, gyms, studios, NGOs, refugee projects, and trauma-informed practice.

Experience authentic teaching whilst exploring a tropical island full of cultural richness, ecstatic dance, and well-being practices such as massage and herbal saunas. This training is for the mystics, truth seers, warriors, artists, and revolutionaries.

-About the training

In our signature NATURAL YOGI journeys, you will explore yogic movements, breathwork, cleansing practices, yoga techniques, intuitive thinking cultivation, teaching essentials, and nature attunements.

Plus bonus Odissi Classical Temple Dance Modula and Online Meridian Harmony Yin yoga training - 60 hours (includes online portal of lectures, videos, mediations, and manuals) shared by experienced teachers. 

Natural Yogi YTT - Tantric Hatha Yoga is an internationally certified course with a key emphasis on the following:

*Experiential Philosophy

*Asana and Pranayama

*Mantra and Mudra

*Puja and Prasad

*Jnana and Bhakti

*Dharma and Karma

*Natural movement and natural living


-Hatha - the meeting of SUN + MOON, the path of body, mind + breath

​-Tantra - the TAPESTRY OF LIFE, the path of pulsation , of sensory engagement + awe

-Kundalini - discovering your POTENTIALITY, harnessing serpentine force + flow

- Chakras - the SCIENCE OF ENERGETICS, tracing the rivers of electrical connectivity

- Kriya - techniques to enhance your energical practice of yogas

- Bhakti - the joy of devotional living 

- Jnana - study of shastras/ yogic texts, mantras and stories

-Natural Yogi YTT is Inclusive of two options

Course only Or Course + Accommodation

Our training values

*Small group sizes for student - teacher for clarity of teachings

*Online access to additional content

*Post-training support and mentoring

* Access to external professional Trauma informed counsellors as needed 

Key subjects

*Puja blessing ceremonies

*Pranayama and Meditation

*Asana practice and Kriya initiations

*Cleansing techniques

*Lectures in Anatomy and Philosophy

*Teaching methods

*Defining your teaching style 

*Authentic Marketing


3 week immersive 

Classes Monday to Saturday / Dates - 8th July - 27th July

Daily schedule 

Monday - Friday / 3 week immersive

*07:00 - 09:00 Morning yoga practice, Puja/morning Sadhana - pranayama/meditation, asana & savasana

*09:00 Shared Prasad, fruit breakfast prepared in Seva - selfless service by students and teachers 

*09:30 Lectures/Movement Lab

*13:30 Lunch break

*16:30 - 18:00 1x afternoon - Moon Salutation Kriya, 4 afternoon Odissi classes 

For students - Saturdays are half day practice, with teachers leading sunrise Puja ceremony, followed by students leading each other for yoga asana practice and gathering in group study sessions. 

Regarding evenings there are 5 afternoon/evening classes to attend each week. Which is an evening sunset puja and a practice of moon salutation kriya to balance your morning sunrise sun salutation kriya. And 4 afternoon/evening Odissi Dance classes

Any classes that you cannot attend are audio recorded, or can be streamed via zoom, therefore you can listen/watch in your own time. 

Each week we will gather for Satsang / group gathering and Mantra Chanting - this is most likely on a Friday prior to lunch break. 

Classical Indian Odissi Temple dance. Class consists of Puja ceremony, and you will learn exercises for dance, Odissi dance patterns, mudras, temple dance history and the devotional aspects of this ancient temple dance of Orissa state, India. 

Please note that our Natural Yogi course is for your self development, therefore it is designed for intentional study, and we aim to introduce you to various advanced yogic concepts and kriyas. As such there will be daily homework of audio lectures, short videos, readings and questions. 

We find many past students develop a mindset of self-growth, continual learning and supporting each other. 

We value the enlightening development of each individual. 

To prepare for this course we recommend student ms to develop a daily living practice of yoga, as well to engage with some yogic texts. A reading list will be given after enrolments and PDF books supplied.

Are you ready to be the vibrant yogi that inspires others? Then rise in courage assisted by passionate teachers. Embrace learning new techniques and pathways of movements and thinking. Learn artful teaching methods and philosophies of yoga. And joyfully invite into your cosmic field the adventurous spirit of self-transformation. Assimilate teachings into everyday life with wisdom, rising in this great 'play or lila' of life, meeting the challenge to live in all environments as a 'Natural Yogi'. 

Join us and find your

*Yogic compass

*Creator consciousness

*Embodied expression

Come to find your cosmic alignment, supported by natural teachers, and transform yourself into the next generation of cosmic guides.


This course is internationally certified with Yoga Alliance which will allow students to apply for registration as a certified 200 hour Yoga Teacher. They can also register with other organisations worldwide such as Yoga Alliance International, World Yoga Federation, Yoga Professionals etc. 

The yoga component of this course is Internationally recognised Certification as a 200 hour Yoga Teacher

Regarding the Classical Indian ODISSI dance students will receive a Certificate of Completion for 18 hours of Odissi Temple Dance Training. This does not qualify students to professionally teach Classical Indian Odissi Dance, as this art form requires many years of training with a respected guriji to confidently teach others. 

ODISSI is an ancient devotional dance art form, and this course introduces students to the broader aspects of tantric practices beyond yoga and meditation. ODISSI invites students to infuse their daily practice with the expression of art, emotions, story and devotion (Bhakti) witnessed in this dance.


Depending on the passport you hold you will need to double check current visa conditions. However Thailand offers a free 30day Tourist visa upon arrival for most passport holders. This visa can be extended for another 30 days by visiting immigration on Koh Phangan island. You will need passport photos, supporting documents and passport. Please check online for accurate information. And please do not mention study or study/education visa as this will cause more confusion, and you will not receive a visa for this reason. 


Another option may be to apply ahead of time at your local Thailand consulate/embassy for a 60 day tourist visa (not a study/education visa! - as we cannot assist with this) Once again you will need passport photos and supporting documents. Please check online for accurate info.


The most practical way to get around the island is with a hire auto-scooter, with your passport as bond. The island is mountainous, and walking is not a long term option to access restaurants and local beaches. There are reasonable rates for 1 month hire from 150-350baht per day. Most scooters are automatic and easy to ride once you relax and cruise. An smaller scooter that is an easier to ride option is called a scoopie - auto scooter.

you can try walking or taxis. But not recommended as the island is full of mountains and you will get tired from walking or waiting on taxis


In Thailand, it is considered bad manners to show disrespect to the royal family, to touch someone's head (as it is considered the most sacred part of the body), to point your feet at someone, to raise your voice in public, and to dress inappropriately when visiting temples or other religious sites or government buildings

It is common in Thailand for locals to share a blessing with you A wai, is performed by pressing the palms together in prayer gesture and bowing the head. A person may bow their head with their palms pressed together to indicate respect to each other.






ROOTS YOGA LIFE Teacher training in Tantric Hatha Yoga  was a life altering experience in the way of elevating space of not only being a Student/ Teacher, but also infused energy and lifestyle of what it means to embody THE YOGI.

Knowledgeable in their way of Yoga practice, philosophy of The Ancients technique, new day ceremony and natural living; facilitators displayed daily interaction of incorporating energy to sustain and thrive mind, body and soul.


With opportunity to challenge physical capacity, learn proper technique,  advancement in recognizing and confidently executing your own unique teaching style. I would highly recommend the experience and calling of those who seek to embody a better self and practice - to seek here


Respectfully, BLU

My experience undertaking my 300hr YTT training with Roots Yoga Life on the beautiful island of Koh Pha-ngan, Thailand was truly transformational. 


ZaRa and Ah Ra are both phenomenal teachers with a deep knowledge of Hatha Yoga practice and Tantric philosophy. They created a nurturing and supportive environment for us to undergo an extremely immersive program that allowed space for integration of the information and practices shared during the training. Its as though they were able to 

turn on the lights in dark places of my mind and body, 

allowing me to finally see and feel how to authentically 

LIVE Yoga and not just practice it in a class. 


I would highly recommend this training program to anyone genuinely wanting to tap out of the matrix, reconnect with self, nature and a community of magical humans in a place of paradise. For teachers of any discipline I feel this program is perfect if you are wanting to discover your unique offering and how you can bring a holistic energy of Yoga into your practice - 

what ever that may be.

Catherine - Jungle City Projects

Training with Roots yoga has genuinely changed my connection to yoga, to all! my personal practices have changed and evolved. Beforehand I loved the physical and mental aspects of Hatha yoga but now I have a much deeper connection and understanding to Yoga, the energetics, vibrations and play of life. It was inspiring to see such radiating teachers who shared lots of insights into living a healthier and harmonious life with the understanding of embracing all aspects of the journey. I chose to train with RY as for me it seemed like the least commercialized training on the island, it fitted what my interests were, deepening my understanding of the ancient teachings  and texts, as well as delving into Kundalini and Yin yoga practices. I would highly recommend training with these beautiful souls. They will give you a wide variety of subjects and styles to taste! I am still learning months after the teacher training. Its great to have access to the recorded lesson~s to refer back to when the time is right! The environment is simple and basic which I liked as it strips people back to basics, yet you have the whole island vibe to enjoy.




  • 200YTT + ODISSI - Koh Phangan

    From USD 1,699.00 to USD 2,199.00
    • USD 1,699.00
      +USD 42.48 service fee
    • USD 2,199.00
      +USD 54.98 service fee
    • USD 2,199.00
      +USD 54.98 service fee


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