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Simple things help me to be grateful. When my husband cooks, when I get to sit by the beach or visit a waterfall.

I have a deep love for whales and often find myself chasing seasons for sight seeing opportunities. So much peace and love watching them play.

I’m a married mum of 3 not small kids. Two in their mid 20s and one about to turn 18.

I’m a social worker currently working with the Salvation Army where I assist students with their well-being, mental health, housing, finances, drug and alcohol issues. The focus is largely on supporting well-being so that completing their HSC is able to be achieved in a supported environment where we nurture the person and work with the trauma to be the barrier that holds them back from achieving education.

In 2018, I underwent weight loss surgery and have struggled with a lot of image issues. My brain couldn’t quite catch up with the weight loss and I discovered I had body dysmorphia. Definitely a struggle and a constant reminder to be kinder to myself.

I have an incredible love of cooking food food and I’m also plant based.

Avid reader 🙏

Two older puppy’s 🐶🐶

Two cats 🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛

Love hiking, beaches, camping, random weekends away and meeting new people. I love to learn new things and also looking to try something new.