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Practicing Yoga in India


India the ancient land.

India home of the Vedas & Upunishads

The place where Yog culture is concercrated & Shiva is relevant.

I have been blessed to spend the last 2 months of my travels in the motherland of India in the desserts of Rajistan, the jungles of Goa and the hymalayan mountain s of hymalchal Pradesh.

I need to say I'm impressed, I'm blown away

And Im definitely lost for words at times. India has landscapes and ancient human civilization s and daily life like no other.

The Yoga has been interesting. I have practiced yoga for over 23 years outside of India. But I have lived the teachings of yoga for less than 10. Still a student yet hungry as a seeker smiling at the simplest of the yogic information speaking from every offering altar throughout Great India.

I met a Guruji in his late 20's

Full of Zest yet carring 5 generations of Yogic culture. Ashram living is as we say Shanti Shanti. Every morning blessed with greetings respectful gestures. The class always begins with Samahdi. Actually before as no class will happen without Samahdi.

The respect for the Great one's who came before. "Guruji says all this would not be possible without their life dedication and service". He places flower petals while chanting Mantra and pours the sacred water over the Guruji s Grave with a old tree growing out the centre. I'm holding the incense trying to keep up with the Mantra.

He smiles and we walk to the Ashram hall for Asana practice.

Class is clear and the intention s are set. Guruji Sanatan is blessing us then mantra, meditation then warm up.

After warm up it's the ashtanga sequence s A & B are performed 6-12 times repeatedly. The class is now warm and other posture s and sequence s are introduced depending on the day the moon and the mood.

I greatly appreciated that Guruji was persistent patient but relentlessly clear with the practices. I've never been one to compromise especially in the practices. This teaching will endeavour as I have realised how compromised the practices of yoga are especially outside of India.

I ve always understood that yoga's are to be lived. But being apart of a human experience in the sciences of self has been a humbling experience. To connect with a greater sense of devotion, Bahkti yoga.

I have definitely been transformed in the experience. As I transmute these teaching s into our Advanced teacher trainings coming up in July in

Advanced 200hr YTT Thailand

Is the course if your looking to learn more about the philosophy s and the artful practices. Diving deeper into the livity, the traditional paths and teaching of Tantra. Stay in Beautiful tropical Koh Phangan Accommodation is included as well as your online portal with a custom learning APP.

Please follow us at Rootsyogalife for more info.

I am thankful for the experience

Ohm Nama Shiva...

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May 15, 2023

So beautifully expressed 🌺🥰

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